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Sim Only Contracts

If you have bad credit, getting a mobile phone contract can be difficult. When dealing with a mobile carrier, getting a cheaper contract will make it more likely that you will be approved. One of the best ways you can improve your chances is by getting a Sim Only contract from a carrier. These deals are generally much cheaper, and therefore mobile companies are more willing to take the risk in giving them out to people with bad credit.
If you haven't heard of Sim Only contracts, they are pretty simple. Normally when you get a contract from a mobile carrier, it comes with access to their network along with a cellphone. You sign this contract for a few years, locking you in to their service and the phone that you get. When you get a Sim Only contract however, you are only paying for access to the network. There are no phones included in these kinds of deals, making them significantly cheaper.
These types of deals are ideal if you currently have an old phone you want to keep using, or if you can purchase an old phone somewhere else. Often when a new phone model comes out, the older models become much cheaper, even though the features are mostly the same. You can then purchase one of these old phones online for example, and save yourself a bunch of money. Or, maybe you just like your current phone, and don't feel the need to upgrade. You may be very happy with your current phone and don't want to spend the money on a newer model. If either of these cases is you, you can save a lot of money with a Sim Only contract.
Not only are Sim Only contracts cheaper, but they may be your only option if you have bad credit. With a poor credit rating it can be hard to secure a normal contract, as carriers are less likely to trust you. By getting a Sim Only contract, you can improve your chances of being approved, and also start building your credit rating back up. By having even a small contract like this and paying it back on time each month, your credit score will slowly start to rise. After a period of time, your credit score will be better and you will be able to try again for a normal contract.
Hopefully with this information you know a little bit more about the benefits of getting a Sim Only contract. When it comes time to start looking for one, do your research. While most carriers these days are starting to offer some kind of Sim Only contract to its customers, some are clearly better than others. Find out which carriers have the best deals, and which ones are most likely to approve your application before deciding on one.