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Not all mobile carriers are the same when it comes to bad credit mobile contracts. Some companies offer better deals than others. By knowing which ones they are, you can make your search for a contract a lot shorter. By going to one of the companies listed below first, you increase your chances of getting a mobile contract. While many companies are now offering deals for people with bad credit, the ones listed below are some of the best in the UK.

Shebang: This mobile company is fairly new, and doesn't bother to check your credit score when looking at applications. While most companies place a heavy importance on your credit score, Shebang does not. The drawback to this is that their plans are often more expensive because they are giving them out to people of high risk. If you have money, but just not the credit score to back it up, you may want to consider Shebang.

T-Mobile: One of the largest and most trusted mobile carriers in the UK, T-Mobile offers several budget contract deals. While they still check credit scores, having a bad one does not necessarily stop you from getting approved. If you choose one of their cheaper plans with an affordable handset, you have a good chance of getting approved and having access to one of the largest mobile networks in the country.

Orange: Last on the list is the Orange mobile network. They have several low-cost pay monthly contracts that are good for people with bad credit. They also have other features like free messaging to other people on the network, along with a rewards program.